60)   Dinuclear Pd(II) and Pt(II) compounds bearing a bridging p-conjugated moiety: synthesis and reactivity toward alkynes and isocyanides

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54)  Oxidative Addition of Aryl Disulfides to Pd(0) Complexes: Synthesis and Structures of Bis(thiolato) Pd(II) Complexes

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53)  (π-Allyl)Palladium Complexes Containing N-Heterocyclic Carbene and Pseudohalgen Ligands: Synthesis,

        Reactivity toward Organic Isothiocyanates and Isocyanides, and Their Catalytic Activity in Suzuki–Miyaura Cross-couplings

         Hyun-Kyung Kim, Jung-Hyun Lee, Yong-Joo Kim,* Zhen Nu Zheng, and Soon W. Lee.       PDF

        Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 2013, 4958-4969


52)  Synthesis and Structures of  η1-Allenyl and/or -Propargyl Pd(II) Complexes and Their Reactivity toward

        Me3SiX (X = NCS, CN and N3), Organic Thiols and NHC(N-heterocyclic carbene) Ligand

         Y.-J. Kim*; H.-K Kim.; J.-H. Lee; Z. N. Zheng; S. W. Lee  PDF

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51)  C,N-Palladacycles Containing N-Heterocyclic Carbene and Azido Ligands: Effective Catalysts for

        Suzuki-Miyaura Cross-Coupling Reactions

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        Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 2012, 6011-6017


50)  Synthesis of Mono-substituted 5-Aminothiatriazoles and Their Conversion to Tetrazole-5-thiones

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49)  A Facile One-Pot Synthesis of 1-Substituted Tetrazole-5-thiones and 1-Substituted 5-Alkyl(aryl)sulfanyltetrazoles

         from Organic Isothiocyanates

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       Reactivity toward Some Electrophiles

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46) Facile Oxidative Addition of Organic Halides to Heteroleptic and Homoleptic Pd(0)–NHC Complexes

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      Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 2011, 1750-1761


45) Reactivity of a Bis(silyl) Palladium (II) Complex toward Organic Isothiocyanates

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44) 1-Dmensional networks formed by metal···sulfur van der Walls contacts: novel tetrazole–thiolato Pd(II) and Pt(II) complexes

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      Inorg. Chem.Commun. 2009, 12, 1234-1237


43) Cyclopalladated azido complexes containing C,N–donor (HC~N= 2-(2’-thienyl)pyridine, azobenzene,

      3,3’-dimethyl azobenzene, N,N’-dimethylbenzylamine, 2-phenylpyridine) ligands: reactivity toward organic unsaturated

      compounds and catalytic properties

      Lee, K.-E; Jeon, H.-T.; Han, S.-Y.; Ham, J.; *Kim, Y.-J.; Lee, S. W.

       Dalton Trans  2009, 6578-6592


42) Reactivity of Bis(silyl) Platinum(ii) Complexes toward Organic Isothiocyanates: Preparation and Structures of

      Dithiocarbonimidato and Diphenylsilanedithiolato Platinum(ii) Complexes, cis-[Pt(S2C=N–Ph)L2] and

     cis-[Pt(S2SiPh2)L2] (L = PMe2Ph, PEt3; L–L = dppp)

      Lee, K-E.; Chang, X.; *Kim, Y.-J.; Huh, H. S. ; Lee, S. W.

       Organometalllics   2008, 27, 5566-5570


41)  Bis(phosphine) Pd(II)–azido complexes containing heterocyclic ligands: reactivity toward organic isocyanides

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      and isothiocyanates.

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39)  Reactivity of the hydrido platinum (II)azide trans-PtH(N3)(PEt3)2 toward organic isocyanides

        and isothiocyanates: synthesis and structures of cis-PtH(PEt3)2(CN4-2,6-Me2C6H3) and 


         Chang, X.; Lee, K.-E.; *Kim, Y.-J; Lee, S.-W.

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 37)   A quantum chemical study on the mechanism of S-coordinated tetrazole-thiolato formation by

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36)    Reactivity of alkynyl Pd(II) azido complexes toward organic isocyanides, isothiocyanates,and nitriles

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35)    A cyclic dipalladium compound formed by concomitant N-C coupling and [2+3]-cycloaddition:  


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33)    Palladium-Platinum Heterobimetallic Complexes with Bridging Silicon Ligands. Structure and Reaction

         with Isonitrile to afford a Platinacyclopentane Containing Si, N, and C atoms.

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32)    Vapochromism and Its Structural Basis in a Luminescent Pt(II) Terpyridine-Nicotinamide Complex

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         *Kim, Y.-J; Han, J. -T.; Kang ,S.; Han, W.-S.; Lee, S.-W.   Dalton Trans. 2003, 3357-3364 [ PDF File]


30)    Reactivity of Bis(silyl) Platinum(II) Complexes toward Isocyanides: Preparation and Structure of

         cis-[Pt(SiHPh2)2(CNR)(PR’3)] (R = t-Bu, cyclohexyl, i-Pr; R = Me, Et)

         *Kim, Y.-J; Choi, E.-H.; Lee, S.-W. Organometallics 2003, 22, 3316-3319 [ PDF File]


29)    Reactivity of [Pt(dppf)Cl2] toward Simple Organic thiolates: Preparation and Structures of  [Pt(dppf)(SPh)2],

        [Pt(dppf)(S-n-Pr)2], and [Pt(dppf)(SCH2CH2CH2S)](dppf = Feη5-C5H4PPh2)2).

         Han, W.-S.; Kim, Y.-J.; Lee, S.-W.  Bull. Korean Chem. Soc. 2003, 21, 60-64.


28)    Synthesis, structures and properties of bis(carbodiimido) complexes of Ni(II), Pd(II) and Pt(II)

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27)    Reactions of Palladium(II) and -Platinum(II) Bisazido Complexes with Isocyanides:

         Synthesis and Structural Characterization of Palladium(II) and -Platinum(II) Complexes Containing

         Carbodiimido (or Biscarbodiimido) and Bistetrazolato Ligand.

         *Kim, Y.-J.; Kwak, Y.-S.; , Joo, Y. -S.; Lee, S. -W. J. Chem. Soc. Dalton Trans, 2002, 144-151. [ PDF File]


26)   Platinum(bis(azido)dppf Compound: Preparation, Structure, and Reactivity to Isocyanides of [Pt(dppf)(N3)2]

        (dppf = 1, 1 Bis(diphenylphosphino)ferrocene)

        Kim, W. -S.; Kim, Y. -J. ; Lee, S. -W., Bull. Korean Chem. Soc. 2002, 23, 1177-1180.


25)    Towards a Molecular Photochemical Device: A Triad for Photoinduced

         Charge Separation Based on a Platinum Diimine Bis(acetylide)Chromophore

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24)    Reaction of PhenylPalladium(II) Azido Complexes with DMAD(Dimethyl Acetylendicarboxylate):

         Synthesis and Structures of trans-[PdL(C6H5)N3C2-3,4-(C(O)OMe)2] (L = PMe3, PEt3)

         *Kim, Y.-J.; Joo, Y. -S.; Kwak, Y.-S.; Han, W.-S.; Lee, S.-W. Bull. Korean Chem. Soc. 2001, 22, 647-650


 23)    Synthesis and Properties of Arylpalladium(II) Aziod Complexes PdAr(N3)(PR3)2.

         Nucleophilic Reactions of the Azido Ligand with CO and with Ioscyanides to Afford  

         Pd(II) Isocyanates, C-tetrazolate and Carbodiimide Complexes

         *Kim, Y. -J.; Kwak, Y. -S.; Lee, S.-W. J. Organomet. Chem. 2000, 603, 152-160. [ PDF File]


22)    Dipalladium Complexes with Bridging Diorganosilyl Ligands. Synthesis, Structures,

        and Properties of [LPd(η -SiH(R)Ph)]2 (R = Ph, Me; PMe3, PEt3, PMePh2)

        *Kim, Y.-J.; Lee, S.-C.; Park, J.-I.; *Osakada, K.; Choi, J.-C; Yamamoto, T.

         J. Chem. Soc. Dalton Trans, 2000, 417-421


21)    Synthesis and Reactions of Mono- abd Dipalladium Complexes Containing 2-Thienyl and

        2,5 (or 2,5')-bridged Thienylene (or Dithienylene) Ligand. New Dipalladiumm Complex Formation

        Connected by Thioketene Part Via C-S Bond Cleavage Of Thiophene.

        *Kim, Y.-J.; Lee, S. -C.; Cho, M-H.; Lee, S-W. J. Organomet. Chem. 1999, 588, 268-277 [PDFFile]


20)    Cis and Trans Iosmers of Pt(SIHAr2)2(PR3)2(R = Me, Et) in the Solid State and in Solutions

        *Kim, Y. -J.; Park, J.-I; Lee, S.-C; *Osakada, K.; Tanabe, M.; Choi, J.-C; Koizumi, T.; *Yamamoto, T.

        Organometallics, 1999, 18, 1349-1352


19)    Unsymmetrical and Symmetrical Diapalladium complexes with Bridging Diphenylsilyl Ligands.   

        Structure of (Me3P)(μ-SiHPh2)2(PMe3)2 and [(Me3P)Pd(μ-SiHPh2)]2 in the solid State and in Solution

        *Kim, Y.-J.; Lee, S.-C.; Park, J.-I.; *Osakada, K.; Choi, J.-C; *Yamamoto, T.  

         Organometallics 1998, 17, 4929-4931


18)    Synthesis of Dipalladium Complexes with a Bridging Arylene Ligand and Insertion Isocyanides into

         the Pd-Aryl Bonds

        *Kim, Y.-J.; Song S.-W.; Lee S.-C; Lee, S.-W; Osakada, K.; Yamamoto T.

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17)    Synthesis and structure of methylpalladium(II) and  -platinum(II) complexes with 2 -allylphenoxido ligands,

        trans-PdMe(O6H4CH2CH=CH2-o)(PR3)2 (R = Me, Ph) an PtMe( 1-O,  2-C,C-OC6H4CH2CH=CH2-o)(PMe3).

        Simple O-coordination and chelating coordination depending on the metal center and auxiliary phosphine ligand

         *Kim, Y.-J; Lee J.-Y.; Osakada, K. J. Organomet. Chem.1998, 558, 41-49 [PDF File]


16)    Synthesis of Arylpalladium(II) Azido Complexes: The Crystal Structure of          

          Pd(C6H4-p-Me)(N3)(tmeda)(tmeda =N,N,N',N'-tetramethylethylenediamine)                  

          *Kim, Y.-J.; Kim, D.-H.; Song, S.-W.; Son, T.  Bull. Korean Chem. Soc. 1998, 19, 125-128


15)    Preparation and Reactions of Methylpalladium(II) and -Platinum(II) Azido Complexes.  The Crystal Structure of

        trans-PdMe(N3)(PMe3)2 and trans-PdMe[CN4(C6H11)](PMe3)2

         *Kim, Y. -J.; Lee, J. -Y.; Kim, D. -H.; Lee, S.-W. J. Organomet. Chem. 1997, 538, 189-197 [PDF File]


14)    A Facile Preparation, Structure, and Some Reactions of trans-PdPhI(PMe3)2

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11)    Synthesis and Properties of Amido- and Alkoxopalladium(II) Complexes with tmeda

        (N, N, N', N' - tetramethylethylethylenediamine) Ligand

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10)    Synthesis, Characterization, and Electrochemical  Properties of Azido Palladium and -Platinum(I, II)

        Complexes with Bis(diphenylphosphino)methane Ligand

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9)     Structure and Reactivity of Aryl(bromo)nickel Complexes Relevant to Nickel(0) Complex-promoted

        dehalogenative Polycondensation of Organic Dihalide

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7)    On the Structure and Reactivity of Lithium Diisopropylamide (LDA) in Hydrocarbon Solutions.  Formation of

         Unsolvated Ketone, Ester, and Carboxamide Enolates.

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6)    Lithium Diisopropylamide Mixed Aggregates: Structrures and Consequences On the Stereochemistry of

        Ketone Enolate Formation.

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5)    Association of Methylplatinum Fluoroalkoxide Complex with Fluoro  Alcohol through O-H---O Hydrogen Bonding

         in the Solid State and in the Solution.

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4)    Preparation and Properties of Methylplatinum  Fluoroalkoxide and  Phenoxide Complexes,


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3)    Alkylnickel and-palladium Alkoxides Associated with Alcohol through Hydrogen Bonding.

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2)    Preparation of Nickel Complexes with h 2 -Coordinated Fluorinated Ketones from Dialkylnickel Complexes.

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1)     Preparation and Properties of New Methyl(alkoxo)- and  Methyl(thiolato) -palladium Complexes. 

        CO and CS2 Insertion  Into Alkoxo-palladium Bond

         Kim, Y.-J.; Osakada, K.; Sugita, K.; Yamamoto, T.; Yamamoto, A. Organometallics, 1988, 7, 2182-2188



Proceedings, 대학논문, 역서, 총설, 학위논문

1)     Chemistry of Organo-palladium and -platinum Complexes Relavent to Catalysis

       Yamamoto, A.; Ozawa, F.; Osakada, K.; Son, T.-I; Kim, Y.-J; Huang, L.

         Proceedings of the First Korea-Japan Joint Symposium on Organometallic

         and Coordination Chemistry, 1988, 15 ~ 21

2)      AsCl3 와 6-membered Conjugated System Compounds 와의 반응

         주완철, 육명화, 김용주   성대논문집, 1983, 417

3)      Preparation of Palladium Alkoxycarbonyl Complexes with      

         Trimethylphosphine Ligands.

         Kim, Y.-J.; Park, K. H.. J. Nat. Sci. Res. Inst. KANU.  1992, 8, 102

4)       Spectroscopic  Characterization of Methylpalladium(II)       

         Fluoroalkoxide Complexes with Tertiaryphosphine

         Ligands.  CS2 Insertion into the Pd-O Bond.

           Kim, Y.-J. J. Nat. Sci. Res. Inst. KANU.  1994, 10, 53

5)       유기금속화학

         김용주; 이동환; 손태일

         자유아카데미, 1992,

6))       후기전이금속 알콕사이드의 합성 및 성질

         화학세계, 1992, 32, 712

         Kim, Y.-J

 7)      기타 일반화학  및 일반화학실험  공역 및 공저 (청문각)


   Research Project


기간 2012. 5~ 2015.4    역할   책임    기본연구지원사업 (3 + 3) (KRF)

후기 전이금속 유사할로겐화합물에 관한 연구: 합성,구조 및 유기불포화화합물과의 반응성


기간 2009. 5~ 2012.4    역할   책임    기본연구지원사업  (KOSEF 및 KRF)

후기 전이금속 유사할로겐화합물에 관한 연구: 합성,구조 및 유기불포화화합물과의 반응성


기간 2008. 11~ 2009.10  역할   책임  기초과학지원 (KRF)

유기불포화합물을 이용한 새로운 후기전이금속 티올라토화합물의 합성,구조 및 성질에관한 연구


기간 2008. 1~ 2009.7  역할   책임   지역우수과학자 (KRF)

유사할로겐리간드(pseudohalogen)를 포함하는 제 10족 전이금속 고리화 화합물의 합성,구조 및 화학적 성질에 관한 연구


기간 2004. 4~ 2006.3  지역우수과학자 (KRF)

전이금속 촉매를 이용한 유기반응을 위한 제10족 전이금속 아지도착물과 유기불포화화합물과의 반응성


기간 2004. 4~ 2006.3    역할   책임    지역우수과학자 (KOSEF)

전이금속 촉매를 이용한 유기반응을 위한 제10족 전이금속 아지도착물과

유기불포화화합물과의 반응성에 관한 연구

기간 2002. 4~2004. 3   역활   책임   지역우수과학자  (KOSEF)

후기전이금속 아지도착물과 유기 이소시아니드, 실란 및 여러 가지

유기친핵체와의 반응성에관한 연구

기간 2001. 6~2002. 5    책임        기초과학지원연구 (KRF)

후기전이금속 아지도착물을 이용한 카보디이미도 리간드와 테트라졸라토 리간드를

포함하는 금속착물의 합성 및 성질에관한 연구

2000. 9 ~ 2001. 8        책임            선도과제연구 (KRF)

제10족 전이금속 모노 및 비스아지도착물의 화학: 금속아지도결합으로의 일산화탄소 및

이소시아니드의 반응에의한 이소시아나토, 테트라졸라토  및  카보디이미드생성반응에의한 연구.

1996. 7 ~ 1999. 11    공동        기초과학지원연구     (KRF)

독특한 기능을 갖는 전이금속화합물의 합성과 반응성연구

1995. 7 ~1995. 8      책임      외국방문연구   (KOSEF)

후기전이금속알콕사이드착물의 합성 및 성질에관한 연구

1995. 3 ~ 1997. 2    책임      핵심전문 연구  (KOSEF)

후기전이금속아지도와 아미도착물의 합성 및 성질에관한 연구

1993. 1 ~ 1994. 1   책임      신진교수과제  (KRF)

니켈,팔라듐및 백금알콕사이드의 합성 및 성질에 관한연구