Departmentof Chemistry


Education in the Department of Chemistry is aimed at providingstudents who desire to study the pure science along with the possibilityof choosing the majors that are appropriate to their  aptitude andpersonal 
capabilities. The Department has been grown as an activeresearch-oriented department, in which there are eight faculty membersin the fields of analytical, inorganic, organic,physical chemistry, andbiochemistry, 
since it was founded in 1981. Besides undergraduate study,the Department of Chemistry provides students with advanced study at thegraduate level, the Master's degree program for post graduate students. 
Students acquire knowledge of chemistry by taking basicand advanced chemistry classes in most areas of modern chemistry with theaccompanying laboratory classes. Laboratory classes are focused on obtaining
hands-on experience of laboratory work in synthesizingand analyzing chemical materials and in developing concepts to understandphysiochemical properties. 
Chemistry education also focuses on bringing up experiencedpersonnel who possess the scientific way of thinking from intensive coursework and who can contribute to society in the area of academic industryand education.